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Botanic Garden, Lakshadweep

Area: 500m Stretch.

The island waterfront plan aims to create a civic and recreational amenity for the inhabitabts of Lakshadweep. The proposed layout consists of a system of winding pedestrain pathways, rest areas and gardens that make use of rich tropical plant material. The linear nature of the design allows for maximum utilization of the waterfront and creates an enhanced land-sea interface.

The smaller gardens will serve as areas for active and passive recreation. they will contain amenities such as reading rooms and pavilions, seating areas as well as dedicated spaces for childrens activities. These gardens will also provide an opportunity for showcasing various plant species such as ginger, bromeliads, orchids and heliconias.

The waterfront park is designed at a scale that will accomodate and promote pedestrian activity in a safe and aesthetic manner.