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Streets Commonwealth Games 2010, New Delhi

Client: Central Public Works Department, Public Works Department and Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

Delhiā€™s streets have tremendous and ever-present potential to be developed into safe, walkable and enjoyable public places. Street designs aim to provide a free flowing movement network. At the same time, a targeted policy to create better conditions for bicycling and people oriented streets is being followed.

The objective for the development will be to design inclusive streets which incorporate the best practices from around the world. Streets in India have traditionally been the setting for all kinds of activities: hawkers, vendors, cyclists, auto rickshaws, cars and buses. The proposed designs aim to accommodate all these by designating places for each one of them.

The streets will be:

  1. Efficiently planned
  2. Sustainable and green
  3. Safe for vehicles as well as pedestrians
  4. Designed for all users