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Street scaping Project at DDA Headquarters, New Delhi

Client: Delhi Development Authority
Date: 1999 - 2002
Area: 1.8km.

The streets around Vikas Sadan, the headquarters of the Delhi Development Authority were redeveloped as a pilot street scaping project for Delhi. This is an early example of our studios efforts in developing inclusive and beautiful streets in urban areas.

The scope of work included the following.

  1. Improvement of road geometry
  2. Traffic calming
  3. Developing additional parking
  4. Footpaths
  5. Spaces for hawkers
  6. Plazas
  7. Landscaping
  8. Public facilities
  9. Directional signage
  10. Urban infrastructure services
  11. Street lighting
  12. Public art

The Safdarjung Bus Terminal was also redeveloped as part of the proposal.

The project played an important role in highlighting the need for designing urban streets for all users and not just automobiles.