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Eco-Park, New Town. Kolkata

Area: 480 acres

The proposed Eco-Park at New Town, Kolkata will cover an area of 194 hectares (480 acres) and includes a 42-hectare (104- acre) water body with an island. The upcoming Central Business District (CBD) is located to the east of the site and one of the largest convention centres in the country and the Kolkata Museum Modern Art (KMoMA) are being built to its north.  

The master plan for the Eco-Park has been prepared with the intent to balance its role as a city level recreational open space, with the need for the park to help mitigate some of the adverse impacts of urbanisation of the surrounding area. The Eco-Park will also be developed to re-establish a healthy self-sustaining eco-system.

The park will broadly consist of three kinds of spaces. These would include:

  1. Ecological zones such as wetlands, grasslands and urban forests
  2. Theme gardens and recreational  open spaces
  3. Urban leisure, educational and functional spaces such as galleries for flora and birds, an urban museum, crafts bazaars, a plants and farmers’ market, food courts, amphitheatre, and plazas.