Awards & Recognition

2004 - Indian Building Congress’ Award for Excellence in Built Environment 2003

2004 - Exhibited at the Design Biennale 2004, St.Etienne, France

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The Garden of Five Senses,Said-ul-Azaib, New Delhi

Client: Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation
Year: 1995 - 2003
Area: 8.1 Hectares (20 Acres).

The Garden of Five Senses is a large public space for the city of Delhi where people can come to unwind and relax. People of all genres find something in the garden they can relate to and enjoy. It is an effort to create a democratic space which would benefit all sections of the society.

It looks at the wider perspective of ‘Garden as Public Space’. There is a broad range of areas, from the more intense activity zones, like the food courts and shops, to contemplative zones, like the fragrant gardens, colour gardens, and the Lily Pool. The project is one of India’s largest commissions of public art featuring works of over 25 artists.

The garden has been planned to respect the natural ecological features of the site - the native plants and the beautiful rocky ridge outcrop. Over 200 species of plants create a rich collage of form, colour and texture. The aim was to create a balance between the built and unbuilt as well as the man-made and the natural.

The architecture may be described as quirky and fun, where the traditional brick and stonework is offset by quixotic concrete columns, mosaic work and dramatic planting effects.