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Brahmaputra Riverfront Development, Guwahati, Assam

Client: Infrastructure Development Corporation of Assam Ltd.
Length: 20 Km

The Brahmaputra River is an iconic element in defining Guwahati’s identity. The comprehensive Masterplan covers the entire riverfront extending over a 20 km area. The detailed plan of the first phase for the city core, over a 7km length is underway

The project includes various proposals for the convivial use of the riverfront:

  1. Continuity and access along the river
  2. Linkages from the city to the riverfront
  3. Restructuring Land Use
  4. Development of cultural precinct in the Government areas
  5. Revitalisation of the river ecology
  6. Strengthening of riverbanks through soil bio engineering
  7. Riverside Promenade, Ghats, Plazas and Parks
  8. Buildings for social infrastructure-museums, art gallery, conservatory, conference facilities and youth centre
  9. Local produce markets
  10. Lighting, Street Furniture & Public Art
  11. Heritage management & conservation
  12. Improved cross sections of roads with emphasis on pedestrian safety and NMV usage.
  13. Improved MV  movement
  14. Parking facilities
  15. Ferry terminals
  16. Bus and para transport stops
  17. Urban utilities and drainage
  18. Improved infrastructure for floating restaurants
  19. Public amenities
  20. Riverfront management infrastructure
  21. Reorganisation of cremation activity
  22. Signage
  23. Dhobi ghats
  24. Development controls and norms