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Bamboo House, New Delhi

Date: 2009
Client: Pradeep Sachdeva

A stone’s throw away from Sultanpur Bird sanctuary, the weekend home in Sadrana village is set in two and a half acre of agricultural land.

The house is laid out in an open plan with a large living cum dining area which extends out to a deep verandah ideal to lounge around in winter or summer. A small bedroom belie the spaces beyond which are generous wardrobe cum change room leading to a luxurious bathroom with an outdoor shower and court.
The kitchen is separate from the main house bridged by a covered passage with large view windows that overlook the surrounding fields of seasonal crops and mariegold flowers.

During the process of construction, a visit from a friend and prominent Columbian architect Simon Velez changed the course of its completion. He re-designed the sloping Bamboo roof and the process had to be extended during the search and sourcing for the right kind of structural bamboo - Bambusa Balcoa.