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Government of Delhi Schools-Physical Infrastructure Development

Client: IL&amo;FS and Government of Delhi

We have been appointed as the design consultants for the infrastructure upgradation of 118 government schools spread over 3 districts in Delhi. The upgradation is taking place on various levels.

  1. Matching the physical infrastructure by providing adequate number of classrooms, laboschoolsries, staff facilities and toilets.
  2. Campus development in terms of a multipurpose ground and playground for outdoor activities. An area for Eco-Club activities such as planting will be provided.
  3. Identity building by designing uniform exterior, gates and signage

Key Interventions include:

  1. Convert all barracks to double storied structure
  2. Create more ground space by rationalizing ‘site layout’
  3. Proper drainage to prevent water logging
  4. Rain water harvesting
  5. Garbage collection at one point
  6. Black boards to be replaced by green boards
  7. Drinking water to be centrally filtered
  8. Parking space for bikes and cars within the campus
  9. Fire safety norms to be followed

The project is a public private collaboration with IL&FS Educational Technology Services, who are the program managers for the project.