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Redevelopment of Streets in Shahjahanabad, New Delhi

Client: Municipal Corporation of Delhi
Length: 2.2 km

An integrated traffic management scheme for Shahjahanabad is underway which covers three roads:

  1. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Marg
  2. Netaji Subhash Marg:
    1. a. Daryaganj Stretch
    2. b. Nukkad Faiz Bazaar – Lothian Bridge Stretch

The main issue is congestion in the streets which is leading to great inconvenience for all the users. The new design of the street section proposes the following recommendations:

  1. Segregation of NMV lanes from the MV traffic.
  2. Wider footpaths to make the space comfortable for the very large numbers of pedestrians
  3. Improved junctions for safety and efficient traffic flow
  4. Designated hawker areas to accommodate the current activities and to prevent their encroachment on the pedestrian and vehicle areas
  5. Appropriate locations and designs of Bus stops
  6. Para transport stands for
    1. Auto rickshaws
    2. Cycle Rickshaws
    3. Hand push carts
  7. Improved street lighting
  8. Better public amenities - toilets, dust bins, garbage collectors etc.
  9. Street furniture
  10. Designated space for an avenue of trees
  11. A vastly improved urban environment by way of appropriate use of materials as well as construction detailing of all surfaces and edges